Team Sandpit


About: A sandbox mod for Half-Life. Spawn and pose monsters, models and sprites from GoldSource engine games. Sandpit can automatically mount content from other GoldSource engine games that you own.

Initial Release: 8th December 2008

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About: An open-source multiplayer bot for Half-Life, Half-Life Opposing Force (Deathmatch and Capture The Flag), Day of Defeat (Territorial Control), Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection (Combat) and They Hunger.
Sandbot also includes support for the Linux versions of Half-Life, Half-Life Opposing Force and Day of Defeat (compiled and tested on Ubuntu) as well as MetaMod support.
Sandbot is based on HPB Bot by Jeffrey 'botman' Broome and has been updated to fully support all features of the Steam version of Half-Life and compile with modern C/C++ compilers.
Sandbot currently does not ship with many waypoint files but work is under way to automatically generate waypoints using a tool based on BSP_tool by Jeffrey 'botman' Broome.

Initial Release: 2nd May 2016

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Zeno Clash Multiplayer

About: Work in progress mod to enable multiplayer deathmatch in Zeno Clash. Players can use weapons (not all weapons do damage) but currently cannot respawn.

Initial Release: 27th December 2016

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Sandpit Nightfire

About: Work in progress sandbox mod for 007 Nightfire.

Initial Release: 11th September 2020

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Sandpit Zenozoik

About: Work in progress sandbox mod for Zeno Clash.

Initial Release: 20th June 2013

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About: An extended, improved and better documented version of Valve's Half-Life SDK with extra entities.

Initial Release: 5th January 2015

Fool's GoldSource

About: A mock GoldSource engine for unit testing mods and plugins.

Initial Release: 31st December 2022


About: A GoldSource and Source multitool (formerly known as vmmt) with the following features:

Initial Release: 24th December 2016

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Half-Life: Decay cut mission layouts

The info_node entities from Half-Life: Decay's cut ht06hub and ht08hangar missions exported to .map files. Their locations give a rough layout of the cut missions and if you go to View -> Show Connections in Hammer which nodes were within line of sight of each other.

Download Half-Life:Decay cut mission layouts

Zeno Clash model converter

Zeno Clash uses a modified version of Valve's Source engine and one of the changes is to the .vvd format (one of the files that stores model data). This command-line utility will convert a Zeno Clash v5 .vvd file to a Half-Life 2 v4 .vvd file (not all files convert correctly).

Download Zeno Clash model converter