Team Sandpit


About: A sandbox mod for Half-Life. Spawn and pose various monsters and models from GoldSource engine games. Sandpit also includes new deathmatch game modes.

Initial Release: 8th December 2008

Download Sandpit


About: A multiplayer bot for Half-Life, Half-Life Opposing Force (Deathmatch), Day of Defeat, Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection (Combat) and They Hunger.
Sandbot also includes support for the Linux versions of Half-Life, Half-Life Opposing Force and Day of Defeat (compiled on Ubuntu).
Sandbot is based on HPB Bot by Jeffrey Broome.

Initial Release: 2nd May 2016

Download Sandbot

Zeno Clash Multiplayer

About: Work in progress proper multiplayer for Zeno Clash. Not all features are currently supported but it does allow all players to use their fists and weapons.

Initial Release: 27th December 2016

Download Zeno Clash Multiplayer


About: An attempt to better document and add more features to the Half-Life SDK.

Initial Release: 5th January 2015


About: A GoldSource and Source multitool with the following features:

Initial Release: 24th December 2016

Download vmmt

Half-Life: Decay cut mission layouts

The info_node entities from Half-Life: Decay's ht06hub and ht08hangar dumped to .map files. Their locations give a rough layout of the cut missions and if you go to View -> Show Connections in Hammer it will show the links between the nodes.

Download Half-Life:Decay cut mission layouts

Zeno Clash model converter

Zeno Clash uses a slightly modified version of the Source engine and one of the changes is to the .vvd format (one of the files that makes up a model). This command-line utility will convert a Zeno Clash v5 .vvd file to a Half-Life 2 v4 .vvd file. Note that this conversion won't work for all Zeno Clash .vvd files.

Download Zeno Clash model converter